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The King is Dead, Long Live the King…

Dust Tactics is over (some tears 馃檨 ).聽 Long Live the King „Dust 1947”.

Umar艂 Kr贸l, niech 偶yje Kr贸l. Nowy, w pe艂ni samodzielny Dust 1947.


Many thanks to Dust Studio and all Guys (Rule Masters, Challengers, Testers, etc…) who worked on this new Rulebook. I really believe, it will stabilize soon and will stay with us for a long time. 27th of June Dust 1947 became the King and now organizes the kingdom by clearing some rules. You can download rulebook (version 4, 02nd July 2016) from my side, if you want.

Finally I had time to read and test a little bit new rulebook. Just to be clear, I used to play Dust Tactics = Grid Dust 1947 and I made Grid Dust 1947 test. It’s good. Below I have added my first impression, comments, suggests concerning chosen rules.



No i s膮, nowe zasady Dust 1947, du偶a ksi臋ga (170 stron), zasady na wersji Grid (ex. Dust Tactics) i wersji Griddles (ex. Dust Battlefield) Ci臋偶ka robota, gratulacje na tw贸rc贸w zasad, konstruktywnych krytyk贸w i tester贸w. Tutaj nieoceniona rola Marka Laskowskiego z warfactory.pl. Teraz jest jeszcze czas drobnych korekt. Pewnie w drugiej po艂owie roku wyjdzie wersja ksi膮偶kowa, z wszystkimi korektami i mam nadzieje, 偶e zostanie na d艂ugo.

Jednocze艣nie przepraszam polskich czytelnik贸w, za to, 偶e druga cz臋艣膰 artyku艂u jest tylko po angielsku. Szykowa艂em j膮 z my艣l膮 o autorach systemu, dosy膰 szybko i przyznam, 偶e powstrzyma艂em si臋 od produkcji polskiego t艂umaczenia. Obiecuj臋 przygotowa膰 m贸j komentarz po polsku do finalnej wersja zasad. P贸ki co, udost臋pniam wersj臋 4 z 02 lipca 2016.


Dust 1947 – Final Rulebook
Dust 1947 – Final Rulebook






First, about Battlefield = Griddles Dust47

LtoLPreviously I played Dust Battlefield v2 few times I really wanted to push Battlefield (griddles) locally. I waited to promised slightly modified rules. But when I read and understood 馃槈 leader role with some strange rule of Leader to Leader Line of Sight I鈥檓 not sure if I go to Griddles version. I expected more flavor of really battle in Battlefield (sorry griddles D47).

Go back to Grid Dust 1947

But, thanks God, almost 100% players in Poland play Grid Dust 1947, or rather Dust Tactics v2/Starter rules now. We have started to switch to Dust1947 and my first comments and suggestions concerning changes of rule and abilities are below.

I hope that Olivier, Paolo and Rick will take, at least some of them, into account and maybe will add/change/clarify slightly this issues/topics/ideas.

  • Critical Hit 鈥 like it & dot :). Needs to be remembered but increase reality.
  • Power Scope 鈥 like it & dot 馃檪
  • Snipers 鈥 Snipers will be in the game now 馃檪 but, do we need leaders in Grid Dust 1947. Moreover snipers are to kill leaders or officers or guys with some kind of special weapon. Hope, Rule Masters will take into account my point and clarify this issue?
  • Artillery 鈥 The King of Battlefields. I like new rules but I have one question liked with Smoke Screen. I didn鈥檛 find information if Smoke Screen also cover 4 adjacent squares (like artillery weapon). How many squares are covered by Smoke Screen, that鈥檚 the question?
  • Height Advantage 鈥 very shortly. if you higher, you can hit accurately and decrease level of cover, very nice rule. Game starts to be more and more realistic.
  • Suppression 鈥 I preferred version without suppression. Fun of DT was linked with simplicity. I saw that two options appeared. Finally suppression combined with just hits nor wounds/kills was published in final (up to day = v4) version of rules. I have to tested, I鈥檓 not a fan such a version. Maybe suppression should be considered as option (advanced rule)?
  • Planes 鈥 They are in game now. In case of chopper proposed rule is brilliant. I have tested yesterday. My choppers made job finally but鈥.
  • Planes Line of Sight 鈥 to be honest I don鈥檛 understand why planes/choppers can see everything. I would vote for rule, that units which are adjacent to building and other high obstacles cann’t be seen by choppers or planes and vice versa if LoS has to be drawn by such an obstacle. That will add more realistic flavor. And please, don鈥檛 tell me about simplicity of LoS. Current rules don鈥檛 go into simplicity (by adding suppression, leaders, critical hits, etc鈥). Moreover, such a role seems to be so intuitive for low pass choppers and planes. I think that was in v1 version. Dust 1947 Rule Keepers please, take it into account, that it would increase reality, another dimension like 鈥渃ritical hit鈥 and 鈥渉eight advantage鈥?
  • Air Assault 鈥 I would like to have such a ability for chosen infantry units as well (maybe some Chinese Assault Squads). Is it possible to have air assault infantry?
  • Damage Resilient 鈥 Sorry, I don鈥檛 like new idea which plays now as additional save in case of heroes and vehicles. Only lower number of hits vs. heroes and vehicles my balance this new rules. Otherwise 鈥淪SU wolf-packs鈥 and 鈥淲recker鈥 could be neutralized very, very fast. New DS will cut the wings of SSU forces for sure. By the way, if you go back to suppression based on v2 version, you should also consider option to go back to previous DS for walkers and heroes. Can you consider this, please ?

Last but not least, Last page of Rulebook. 馃檪


Long live DUST 1947 !!!





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