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Mini report – last battles in our HQ

Last week I had a chance to play two battles, one with JaQbek and second one with Paweł. We played 120 points armies based on v2 DT rules.

The Tragic Beginning

It was first time when I could use plane. Because of that I decided to organize my army around Falke ,Red Baron & JagdLuther. These machines were supported by following heroes & infantries: Manfred, Angela, Ghosts, StormTroopers, SharpShooters, Heavy Recon Grenadiers and Death Rays. Of course I wanted officers, so I have added also Old Men with Kommandowagen.


…but JaQbek had much stronger set – heavy recons, heavy lasers …. more heavy units plus JagdLuther & Konigs-Luther.

I thought that plane can eliminate Konigs-Luther. What a mistake. This attack was like “one man action”. After initial success JaQbek shot down my plane.

Moreover JaQbek explained that Heavy means Damage Resilient which means that It’s really hard to eliminate Heavy Recons and others Heavies. Since that moment my army was only in defense. More than less after 3 turns everything was clear, my army disappeared.

Very Lucky End

After that failure I decided to rebuild my army. I switched from air attack for more conventional forces. I went back to WOTAN AR, JagdLuther & Herman. Most of infantry units stayed on table (Manfred, Angela, SharpShooters, Ghosts, StormTroopers, Heavy Recons & Death Rays). Paweł, my counter partner had Jadgluther, two hermanns, Sturm-Konig and lots of zombies .

This time I had more luck, Good of dices was on my side. I eliminated Sturm-Konig and JagdLuther. And this time Infantry was quite effective vs. zombies. I have won.

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