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AB-46/RF-46 Gloster – customized, unofficial plane for Allies

I would like to show you my dustified plane. I have chosen first British jet plane the Gloster. I have worked on that model last year. Model was modified by adding the phaser gun and two arms hooks under the wings. Moreover three sets of suspended equipment were prepared: 4 rockets or 4 bombs or 0,5 MG + artillery spotter container.  At the end I have prepared two optional cards.

1. Attack-bomber AB-46 which could be used as small attack plane with convertible configuration of bombs & rockets.

2. Reconnaissance-fighter RF-46 with additional MG and artillery spotter container. Can be used as air support for any of artillery units. Also can attack others planes but it’s not main purpose of that plane.

Below few photos of that model and optional cards

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