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Joel Blutkreuz Korps

Joel army deal for Bob Sennick 1st APC.

Joel made fantastic job with his Blutkreuz Starter Set. New Hero „Frank Von Stein” , together with other heroes, lead hordes of Zombies, Ubertoten Squad and The Panzers. His battalion is supported by two walkers, of which one (Wotan AR) is really cool painted. joelarmy

e Army List:

  • Frank Von Stein,
  • Singrid,
  • Totenmeister,
  • Grenadier X,
  • Four units of Zombies,
  • The Panzers,
  • Ubertoten Squad,
  • Tropical Heinrich,
  • Wotan AR.

…and gallery:

I will published Sven gallery soon.



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