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PanzerPrinz Heavy Battalion Army

My commitment to APC by Bob Sennick

Deadline of Bob Sennick „Army Painting Challenge” has passed. Some participant achieved targets, some not.

Did I achieve my target? YES ­čÖé

I painted and worked with my models with biggest engagement taking into account timing, complexity, my first Dust plane. I bought new paints, repaired my Airbrush, spend many hours in my workshop. It seems to me that even to many hours. I might jeopardized a little bit family relations ;).

Am I pleased? YES ­čÖé

I have to say, that I achieved my personal ambition. Even taking into account, that some participant are better painters in my personal opinion, especially in details, faces, etc., I’m really content with achieved overall effect and quality. Today I’m very tired, I don’t want to paint anything, but it will change soon ;), next AXIS and SSU wait.

What did I paint?

PanzerPrinz Combined Battalion to break through village and regain connection between two AXIS brigades. Therefore PanzerPrinz and Bloody Baron decided to select best veterans which could achieve the aim during one very fast and aggressive attack. They agreed to use two assault squads:

Close Combat Flame Thrower Squad: FlammeLuther ÔÇťEvaÔÇŁ plus Sturmpioniere,


Heavy Laser Squad: Hermann called ÔÇťHeiderÔÇŁ and Faceless Death heavy infantry.


Moreover They will support squads using personal vehicles, Blitz piloted by Bloody Baron and PanzerPrinz Wotan AR called ÔÇťAngelaÔÇŁ.

PanzerPrinz Task Force is ready


Army List (113 points)…

  • PanzerPrinz – 14 points
  • Wotan AR „Angela” – 21 points
  • Bloody Baron – 8 points
  • Horten Blitz – 25 points
  • FlammLuther „Eva” – 14 points
  • Sturmpionerie – 9 points
  • Hermann „Heider” – 10 points
  • Faceless Death – 12 points

…and first gallery

I will publish additional galleries with photos of my Army units consecutively in next posts. I want to add galleries for my opponents also. 

Doesn’t matter who win, that was pleasure to challenge with all of you.

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