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Help me to choose name for my „Field Modified Pounder”

There are several versions of Pounders.

I work on my version.

Concept of the model – „… Polish tankers from Allied „2nd Armoured Brigade” waited for „Light” versions of M3. Finally they decided to rebuild some old Pounders in their field workshops. As usually Poles give names every of their walkers. This time it will be the same….” 

gun turret2 There are lots of work in front of me. One task is to choose the name of Pounder. Name will be hand-painted on chassis or turret. I have five options:

  1. Invincible Bear,
  2. Brave Heart,
  3. Smart Jackal,
  4. Victoriuos Lynx,
  5. Polish Kitten

 …but YOU will decide. Name with biggest votes will be the name of that Pounder.

[poll id=”2″]

I wait for your votes till end of next week.

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