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Battle with Piotr and JaQbek

Last Friday we played scenario which assumed that defender has to survive and control one building at least till end of 6th turn. I was the defender – 150 points Axis forces vs 100 points of SSU led by Piotr and 100 points of Axis led by JaQbek. I was defeated during 6th turn ­čÖü As the last my Panzerprince left battlefield killed by SSU officer and Nadya hero.

Nice evening, quite intensive battle and very good layout of the battlefield.

Scenario with some targets was much more cool vs. just „Kill’em all” scenario. More over, a kind of city layout forces to use infantry and low distance walkers. For example I had WOTAN which was useless. There was no chance to use its advantage which is distance.

Few photos are below.


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