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Which rust effect did you use?

Jasper van Velden question inspired me to describe little bit about painting phases of my KV called „Відьмак” – „The Witcher”.

Model was painted Vallejo colors and wash, moreover I used MIG pigments. Unfortunately I didn’t make photos during workshop stages. Nevertheless I try to explain each step bellow as well as I can.

Step 1 – the Primer & Base Color

basebaseI airbrushed whole model Vallejo standard Natural Grey. I used to use standard collection which are diluted by Vallejo solvent: 1portion of paint and 2 portions of solvent. After primer stage I applied two layers of Vallejo Black which was basing color for that model.



Step 2 – the Dry-Brush

drybrushI used Medium Sea Grey to silverhighlight edges and porous surfaces. That phase needs very cautious workI remove the excess of paint by wiping the brush on a paper towel always after taking another portion of color. Then I apply by wiping the model very gently. Next phase was metal rubs. I always use Natural Silver color. I dry-brushed quite intensive this time to achieve strong scrapes and exploitation effect. It’s hard to achieve satisfactory Rust Effects without solid Dry-Brushes IMO. At the end KV was covered by matt clear-coat in spray.

Step 3 – the Rust Effects

pigmentsMix of two Pigments (Rust and African Earth) in proportion half to half dissolved in the water. I always try to achieve/prepare two formulations with different consistency. One mix is more liquid, second one looks like a kind of pasta for application.

Liquid substance I applied in recess and internal edges. Well prepared melt-in-edged 🙂 .  Any excess I removed immediately using sticks with cotton wool.

I applied pasta into these places which are mostly flat outer surfaces and every places where I wanted to achieve significant exploitation effects.

After few minutes the preparation dried out enough to move to the next stage. Brush with stiff bristles is needed for that. I used brush to wipe a places where rust pasta were imposed. That way I eliminated surpluses of rust pasta and achieved effects of scratches on the paint. Moreover pigment particles rubbed up within coat of paint (that’s very well visible on the roof).


Step 4 – the Wash

washAll model was covered by Dark Grey Wash by Vallejo in aim to enhance contrast and dampen the effects of rust. Of course I wiped out any to big quantities of Vallejo wash using paper towel and sticks with cotton wool.





Hope,  it’s helpful. I need to finish base still but current effect is visible on pictures below.




 More photos in attached gallery.







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