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My precious new fraction :)

Mercenary Fraction

Mercenaries_logo2015Heroic girls who are ready to fight for money. What a fabulous concept, thank you Dust Studio. I think that almost everyone who have seen pictures of „Sisters of Demolition” during Kickstarter wanted to have them, SofDme also.

It turned out, that for our first Central Europe Dust Championship Dust Studio prepared following prizes:

  • Sisters of Mayhen
  • Justine & CO

What a chance to start collection of Mercenaries. Thanks to unexpected, but very, very  lucky results I won both models :). I won Best Painted Dust Model contest in infantry category and took 2nd place in vehicle category.  Sisters of Mayhen for first place and Justine&Co for second place.



My Sisters of Mayhem was tested today during the battle. It’s great looking model, very cheap and effective support unit 🙂


Moreover I ordered new Mercenary Tanya Starter.  Still wait for it, but…


Collection of new fraction has started.


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