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„Clash of Titans vol.2” – what happened close to Karbala city

What happened close to Karbala city… 

Karbala_07402uArmies met close to Karbala, old Babylon City. It’s very crucial city especially for locals living for centuries in the Euphrates basin. That’s why Axis Combined Group left city and prepared for defense at boundaries of the town. To avoid any unnecessary destructions.

(Mosque in Karbala (1932) Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection.)

Mentioned Axis Combined Group were split into two battalions:

1st Axis Battalion led by Leutnant Rolf Sammt and Angela Wolf (Blutkreuz Korps Spy)

  • Mechs: PrinzLuther, Leopold, Ludwig, JagdLuther
  • Infantry Units: Old Men, Sand Viper, Desert Lions, Tomb Cleaners, The Ghosts, Stormtroopers, Heilige Tod
  • Support Units: Tommy Cookers, Death Rays, Sharpshooters

2nd Mixed Battalion ordered by Yakov with support of Red Yana and Tanya who was a leader of Mercenaries.

  • Mechs: Matrioshka, Natashia, Natasha, Nadya
  • Infantry Units: Red Command, Tiger Claws, Fakyeli, Red Storm
  • Support Units: Red Lighting + Red Commissar (Tank Hunter), Red Fury
  • 1st Mercenary Squad: Sisters of Mayhem, Sisters of Demolition

SSU Improvised Desert Army were led by famous Hero Winter Child, Red Yana and Nikolay:

1st Battalion

  • Machines: Natalya, Nastashia, Melor
  • Infantry Units: Steel Fist, Steel Tornado, Tiger Claws, Tiger Claws, Frontoviki, Red Hunters, Red Command
  • Support Units: Red Lightning, Red Fury

2nd Battalion

  • Machines: Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, Nadya, Natalia
  • Infantry Units: Red Thunder, Steel Tornado, Steel Fist, Fakyeli, Red Storm
  • Support Units: Red Lighting, Red Watchers


Battle started early morning and took all long day. SSU wanted to break the defense lines at all cost. Infantry moved forward but were stopped by Mercenaries & Axis infantry supported by Mechs. Moreover first wave of SSU tanks very stopped by Ukraine Matrioshka. During this morning hours several duels happened.

Ukraine Red Thunders decimated Tiger Claws but after that were massacred by Natashia.

dsc_0147 dsc_0150

Angela Spy killed Red Command Officer and Medic.


SSU mechs wanted to hunt down PrinzLuther but were stopped by The Ghosts


Moment of truth have started, second attack have started just after front-line stabilization. Again, and again, and again… lots of aggressive moves and attacks conducted by SSU. They were stopped thanks to large maneuverability of defenders. Unfortunately it was linked with several losses, especially on left flank and in center. Nevertheless few good punches hurt SSU forces.

Leopard eliminated Winter Child and after that Red Fury.




Jozef Stalin was eliminated Heilige Tod.


Heavily beaten Axis Combined Group still protected the town. Third and last attack didn’t help SSU, they lost the heaviest tank Karl Marx. Matrioshka proofed that 155 mm guns are very deadly. JagdLuther destroyed Natashia and that was last attack of SSU. Karbala was defended.


Piotr, Jahu and Marek, Thank you for 600 points great battle which took place in our Club elCasa 11th of December. Great evening, very intensive and very tasty battle.

Overview of the battle in few pictures, turn by turn.





Gallery of the whole moments during the battle.

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