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It’s site about 1st Army Painting Challenge, challenge organized by Bob Sennick.

It’s international competition more for painters then just players. That’s how Bob described competition.

I’m happy to announce the first Army Painting Challenge here on the Dust Tactics Fan page. Let’s see who can paint the best 100 point Dust army from start to finish in only ONE MONTH.

The rules are simple enough:

  1. The army must start as primed only! No half-painted projects from that box under your bench to get a head start.
  2. Introduce your project on October 1st by posting a picture of your force and an army list, then post weekly updates (more are welcome) to show your progress.
  3. Complete your army by the deadline and the community will vote for their favorite!”

12 Dust Fans declare to participate, their armies pictures are below.

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3 „Heros” delivered aim of challenge, Red Sven, Joel Hillhouse and Me :).

Our armies galleries and all posts linked with challenge will be published here. That way fantastic job of all painters will be available to see, share and admire in one place even months after event.


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