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12 Dust Maniacs ;) were participants of the 1st APC

12 Dust Maniacs ­čśë were participants of the 1st Army Painting Challenge lead by Bob Sennick.

That was another great opportunity to challenge each otherÔÇÖs. This time it was international competition more for painters then just playersÔÇŽ I think, it was better to quote Bob Sennick who described everything (post of September 24, 2015 on our Facebook Fan page.)

IÔÇÖm happy to announce the first Army Painting Challenge here on the Dust Tactics Fan page. LetÔÇÖs see who can paint the best 100 point Dust army from start to finish in only ONE MONTH.

The rules are simple enough:

  1. The army must start as primed only! No half-painted projects from that box under your bench to get a head start.
  2. Introduce your project on October 1st by posting a picture of your force and an army list, then post weekly updates (more are welcome) to show your progress.
  3. Complete your army by the deadline and the community will vote for their favorite!

The winner will receive the generous prize of a yearÔÇÖs Gold Elite membership from Dust Studios! That would normally require some serious investment and gives you a personalized Dust mug and t-shirt, free shipping on orders over $150, a very welcome 15% discount on Dust products, and more. For more info see: http://www.dustgame.com/member_reg.php

Big thanks to Paolo for the prize support!

The APC (Army Painting Challenge) will begin Tuesday, October 1st and the deadline for completion is Sunday, November 1st, so start getting those models ready! If you have any questions let me know.”

Here’s the list of entrants who have posted the pic of their army and started the challenge!

Krzysztof Kaczurba, Joel Hillhouse, Sven Red, Patrick Doty, Halcon Mac Brea, Carl Evans, Seth Alan Squires, Michael Cefaratti, Bryan Keith Younts, Jon Morin, Jill Munro, Stuart Holttum.

Gallery of entrants Armies

(based on pictures which have been posted on Facebook Fan site)

I decided to publish gallery of all painted armies just after challenge. That way fantastic job of all painters will be available to see, share and admire in one place even months after event.

Many thanks to Bob and Paolo for idea and support.

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